What does the animal bats eat

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Mammals. A variety of mammals eat bats when they can. Animals such as weasels, minks and raccoons climb into areas where bats roost and eat them while they sleep during the day. These mammals also lie in wait just outside a bat roosting area toHow can the answer be improved? what does the animal bats eat

There are several species of bats called false vampire bats in Africa, but these bats do not drink blood, they eat small animals such as birds, small rodents, etc. Read More share: Do cats eat bats?

A: Several types of animals eat bats as part of their diet, including owls, hawks, snakes and spiders. Although bats have many predators, there are only Bats can eat between 2, 000 3, 000 insects a night. They are capable of catching insects in midflight, as well as on the ground. Bats hunt at night, and locate their food using echolocation, which involves sensing the rebound of highpitched squeaks, much like a radar system.what does the animal bats eat Fruit Bats may be called Flying Foxes, but they are nothing like foxes. Foxes hunt for meat and mammals. However, fruit Bats have a serious taste for all types of fruits ranging from bananas to mangos, dates, avocados, wild dates and any type of pulpy fruit.

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Apr 06, 2010 Hawks and owls regularly kill and eat bats. Snakes and predatory mammals such as weasels and raccoons climb into bat roosts during the day and attack bats when they are sleeping. In some places, bats are even killed by little birds that fly into bat caves and peck them to death. The birds then drag the bats outside and eat them. what does the animal bats eat

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