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Jan 11, 2004 Digimon Digital Card Battle Card Fusion FAQ Machinedramon Omnimon II WarGreymon (Ultimate Lvl) Shakkoumon WaruMonzaemon WarGreymon (Ultimate Lvl) MetalGarurmon Piedmon WarGreymonLet's Play Digimon: Digital Card Battle by Ephraim225 Part 18: Endgame, part 1. Garudamon didn't get the memo, because Omnimon counts as only one opponent, unless she's referring to the two Digimon that combine to create Omnimon. Which raises some questions. If I'm playing against Omnimon, does that mean he has a brain with twice the omnimon digimon card battle

Mega: Omnimon Trivia Edit Omnimon's skill 1, Grey Sword is supposed to be called Transcendent Sword and it's skill 2, Garuru Cannon is supposed to be called Supreme Cannon, however they differ because they were only translated from the original Japanese words.

Omnimon is the ultimate bad ass. Because Omnimon is a double digimon, Digimon World Digital Card Battle has 2 omnimon cards. A fire digimon, who's strongest attack is Trancendant Sword on O, representing WarGreymon, and an Ice digimon who's strongest attack is Garuru Cannon on, representing MetalGrarurumon. Oct 05, 2001  re: omnimon If you Fuse Warumonzaemon& Digitamamon you get Wargreymon. I have no idea how to get Weregarurumon thru card fusion. I just got mine inomnimon digimon card battle May 26, 2013  Agumon Pepper Breath Spirit Fire Cross Fire Greymon Nova Blast Great Antler Fire Wall Metalgreymon Fire Blast Metal Slash Flame of Fury RealMetalgreymon Tera Destroyer

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Read more about this topic: Digimon Digital Card Battle Famous quotes containing the words fusion andor special: Sadism and masochism, in Freuds final formulation, are fusions of Eros and the destructive instincts. omnimon digimon card battle Apr 12, 2007  I've been playing Digimon Digital Card Battle, but I don't know this Omegamon. Who is he? And also, how can I get the Level Mega card? Omnimon is also a knight of the digimon Jul 16, 2008 For Digimon Digital Card Battle on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Favorite Decks . Notes: This card depicts Omnimon from Digimon Adventure. . This card is designed in the style of the DigiBattle cards, but is written with both the original info in katakana and the dubbed info in English.

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