How to get battlepacks in battlefield 4

2019-12-11 22:57

I've done a google search and apparently there have been problems giving everyone their veteran pack, and all EA have said is that everyone WILL get it eventually, but they can't say when. The system on battlelog is all messed up anyway, I've played every Battlefield game and I only have the veteran status for 1942, BF3 and BF Play 4 Free.An image promoting Battlepacks. First revealed on the official Battlefield website, Battlepacks are content packages featured in Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 1 that add a new layer of customization and element of chance to multiplayer via microtransaction elements. . Throughout the course of their multiplayer career, players will be awarded Battlepacks through the how to get battlepacks in battlefield 4

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks How to get Battlepacks& Scraps Weapon Camos! If you've played a Battlefield game in the past few years, you've likely opened quite a few Battlepacks. But you've never opened Battlepacks like these. Find out what makes Battlefield 1's

The items you will find in the BattlePacks come in 4 different colors to indicate rarity: Standard (grey), Advanced (white), Superior (blue), & Distinguished (orange). If youve been playing Battlefield 4 as much as we have, chances are youve unlocked several Battlepacks. Heres a quick video tutorial illustrating how Battlepacks work, including how theyre earned, how theyre opened, and how you can use their contents to improve your performance on the to get battlepacks in battlefield 4 Jul 21, 2017 Step 1: Git gud. Step 2: repeat step 1. 6. The new map in conquest gives lots of points. 0. Play operations, the longer the match the further it goes up. I been getting 3 battlepacks a day that way.

How to get battlepacks in battlefield 4 free

Feb 10, 2014  Go to unlocks and click on a weapon. On the right side hover your cursor over a battlepack and it will say how many kills to get it. What you get in each battlepack how to get battlepacks in battlefield 4 May 24, 2015 If you have achieved both these requirements in those past battlefield games, then when you first turn on Battlefield 4 you should have your Veteran Battle pack, like shown in this video. As for what is in the battlepacks, they are random attachments for the weapons XP Boost from what I could see when I got them (same for my friends). The main difference from the levelling battlepacks is that the levelling battlepacks seems to give you attachments for random weapons from your inventory (even some you haven't unlocked yet).

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