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Classification of Animal Kingdom The science of classifying organisms is called taxonomy. In this taxonomy, each individual living species are classified into five kingdoms and one among them is the Kingdom Animalia, which is composed of animals.How can the answer be improved? biology animal kingdom classification

Feb 22, 2018 Animal kingdom classification is not a job for the fainthearted, for it is a really long list of classes and subclasses, many of which are named in Latin. There are millions of animal species on the Earth, and they are segregated under the kingdom Animalia, which in turn is divided into subkingdoms, infrakingdoms, superphyla, and phyla.

ADVERTISEMENTS: In biology, Kingdoms are the highest taxonomic groups of living organisms. Biologists since the time of Aristotle ( BC) have divided the living world into two kingdoms, Plants and animals. The word plant suggests grasses, bushes, shrubs, creepers, climbers, vines and trees and animal suggests cats, dogs, lions, tigers, birds, frogs and fish. Types of animal kingdom classification: . Some of the scientists classified the animal kingdom on the basis of the numbered of cells. On this basis the animal kingdom is classified image your subkingdoms, such as protozoa and metazoa. The sub kingdom is again classified into one phylum which is also known as protozoa but metazoa is dividedbiology animal kingdom classification Animal Kingdom. Patrick has been teaching AP Biology for 14 years and is the winner of multiple teaching awards. Unlike the organisms of the Archaea or Monera Kingdoms, the Animal Kingdom consists of multicellular, heterotrophic organisms that feed on other organisms to survive.

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Key Questions. The animal kingdom is separated into nine taxonomic ranks: Life Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species. Though this is the true classification for animals, the first two ranks are often omitted, and on occasion, an extra one subfamily biology animal kingdom classification

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