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Endeavour definition: If you endeavour to do something, you try very hard to do it. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples1 and 2 SAQA: 1. This Act applies to artists and to producers who retain their professional services in the following fields of artistic endeavour: the stage, including the theatre, the opera, music, dance and variety entertainment, multimedia, the making of films, the recording of discs and other modes of sound recording, dubbing, and the recording of commercial advertisements. artistic endeavor definition

endeavor definition: The definition of an endeavor is an attempt with a lot of effort. (noun) An example of an endeavor is the climbing of a large mountain. Definitions. endeavor endeavor. Use endeavor in a sentence. A woman endeavors to climb a mountain. noun.

Define artistic. artistic synonyms, artistic pronunciation, artistic translation, English dictionary definition of artistic. adj. 1. The incertitude which attends closely every artistic endeavour is absent from its regulated enterprise. View in context. Nevertheless, there are today in the artistic youth so much life, power, and, : to attempt (something, such as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort. endeavors to finish the race.artistic endeavor definition An artistic convention is a method or style of conveying or portraying something that is widely used and recognized as meaning a certain thing (or conforming to a certain style).

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Synonyms and Antonyms of artistic. of or relating to the fine arts. funding for artistic endeavors is crucial if the city is to survive and prosper. artistic endeavor definition Jul 23, 2006 I don't remember this portion. Basically if it doesn't apply to you, then you don't fill it out. But seriously, you need to listen to everyone on SDN and wait until your closer to application time (in three or four years) before you worry about all of this. to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive: We must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed. to attempt; try: He endeavors to keep things neat in his apartment. Archaic. to attempt to achieve or gain. a strenuous effort; attempt. Oct 09, 2011 Answers. Best Answer: An artistic endeavor revolves around the emotions, creativity and individualism. Typically they involve the humanities and the arts, be it literature, theater, music, dance, painting, sculpture, interior design, etc. The emotional element is always latently or potentially or overtly present in 29 quotes have been tagged as artisticendeavor: Allen Ginsberg: A naked lunch is natural to usWe eat reality sandwiches. But allegories are so much le

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