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Apr 15, 2012 The Mask of Zorro Antonio Banderas& Catherine ZetaJones.How to Make a Zorro Costume; Draw a thin, black moustache on the upper lip with a black eyeliner pencil. It's a good idea to look at photos of Zorro from the old series or Antonio Banderas' film in order to get the shape just right! Step 7. Finally, don't forget a sword! Buy a foil or long narrow sword at a discount store on the Halloween zorro mustache antonio banderas

Alexander Stone 2 (smiling) take out mustachechin hair. Alexander Stone 2 (smiling) take out mustachechin hair. . Visit. Discover ideas about George Clooney. Antonio Banderas Autographed Z Signed Photo. George Clooney Good Movies Amazing Movies Hollywood Fashion Hollywood Style Antonio Banderas as Zorro. (not really a cow boy, but.

Zorro Makes His Mark he is here played by a gentleman for the first time both authentically Hispanic and authentically mustacheless, Antonio Banderas. Zorro, after all, is the original Jul 17, 1998  Directed by Martin Campbell. With Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine ZetaJones, Jos Mara de Tavira. A young thief (Antonio Banderas), seeking revenge for the death of his brother, is trained by the once great, but aged Zorro (Sir Anthony Hopkins), who also pursues vengeance ofzorro mustache antonio banderas Jul 16, 2018  In 1992, Antonio Banderas was an established star of Spanish cinema. He had worked with countryman Pedro Almodvar on five films and was a

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Jun 14, 2018  Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso (he looks like a hipster Hitler without the mustache) Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso may have both been born in the Spanish city of Mlaga, but the Zorro star is reluctant to say he was destined to play the painter in season 2 of National Geographics Genius (premiering in April). zorro mustache antonio banderas

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