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2019-12-12 05:17

Dance on Paper. Sandra, Chung Ngashan First Solo Exhibition. With Opening performance in cooperation with Venessa Chong. Artist, Sandra Chung Ngashan is pleased to present her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in which she has transformed a series of unique and delicate papers into threedimensional (3D) art pieces.Sandra Chung Ngashan January 28 Whats more, Rothko advised artists to naturally express emotions and experiences, like children do, in order to develop their own unique style. sandra chung artist

Sandra Chung Ngashan is a textile artist living and working in Hong Kong, SAR. She previously lived in Melbourne while working towards her BA in Textile Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. She graduated with an MA in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011.

Steampunk, Fantasy, Erotic and Comic Book Artist. Sandra ChangAdair is an illustrator specializing in fantasy art that began in comic books. She has been published in Hustler, Heavy Metal, Fantagraphics BooksEros Comix and Inside KungFu. Sandra Chung Photographer, astronomer, artist, dancer, dreamer. Photographersandra chung artist Sandra Chung NgaShan My work is inspired by dance movement and rhythm, my body is a reflection to the process. I simply use basic techniques to create an abstract form, almost like a random object creation based on my body movement.

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