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MexicanAmerican War: Invasion and war. major Mexican force at the Battle of Buena Vista in February 1847. But Taylor showed no enthusiasm for a major invasion of Mexico, and on several occasions he failed to pursue the Mexicans vigorously after defeating them. In disgust, Polk revised his warThe Battle of Buena Vista. Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, recognizing this as a military opportunity, moved quickly to catch the Americans while they made their transition. Santa Anna and an army of 20, 000 hurried north from San Luis Potosi to crush Taylor before turning south to mexican american war battle of buena vista

Apr 19, 2017 The Battle Ends. The Americans enjoyed a healthy advantage in terms of artillery: their cannons had carried the day at the battle of Palo Alto earlier in the war and they were again crucial at Buena Vista. The Mexican attack stalled, and the American artillery began pounding the Mexicans, wreaking havoc and causing massive loss of life.

Apr 15, 2019 At the Battle of Buena Vista in February 1847, Santa Anna suffered heavy casualties and was forced to withdraw. Despite the loss, he assumed the Mexican presidency the following month. Jul 21, 2010  Battle of Buena Vista begins. During the MexicanAmerican War, Mexican General Santa Anna surrounds the outnumbered forces of U. S. General Zachary Taylor at the Angostura Pass in Mexico and demands an immediate surrender. Taylor refused, allegedly replying, Tell him to go to hell, and early the next morning Santa Anna dispatched some 15, 000mexican american war battle of buena vista MexicanAmerican War 170th: Battle of Buena Vista. Buena Vista left almost 670 Americans killed, wounded, or missing, some about 14 percent of the 4, 594 men engaged. [12 Included amongst the dead lay Henry Clay Jr. , the son of the prominent statesman who had so ardently opposed the Mexican War in the first place.

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