Funny shyt in battle rap part 1

2020-01-19 09:42

Funny, most clever, wordplay punchlines in rap (andor battle rap) history. Or lines in general. If you wanna take shots then Captain Morgan comes out. (SLOW IT DOWN) If you wanna take shots get cappednmoreguns come out. (SLOW IT DOWN 2x) If you wanna take shots get cappedthemorgans come out. Conceited Whoever gets a whiffJan 03, 2017 That's lipstick alley shyt bro the shyt you bringing up is not even in the slightest degree the same as someone being a hobo or whatever the fukk the case may be. Gun Titles vs. NWX part 1 Rum Nitty vs. Ave Rum Nitty vs. Ill Will Ave vs. Chess The lead up to that perfect attendance line was battle rap PERFECTION if he wove together his funny shyt in battle rap part 1

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Jul 25, 2015 Iron Solomon vs Math Hoffa: Math came out with some funny but really damaging punch lines. Especially since he anticipated that Iron is going to use his name (Math Hoffa) to deliver lines that had to do with stuff that deals with numbers. funny shyt in battle rap part 1

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