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2020-01-22 07:20

Factory Farms Abuse Animals. Before the emergence of factory farms, officially called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), good animal husbandry was widely believed to be as good for the producer as it was for the animals. When you treat animals well and keep them healthy, you produce a higher quality product.Avoid factory farmed animal products altogether by choosing plantbased foods. Choose grassfed and grassfinished beef and dairy products and pastureraised pork, poultry, and egg products. Select certified organic meats, eggs, and dairy and those clearly labeled as using only vegetarian animal feed. factory farming animal feed

Factory farming is an industrial process in which animals and the products they generate are mass produced. The animals are not seen as an individual, sentient beings with unique physical and psychological needs but as eggs, milk, meat, leather, etc.

Although the term is sometimes used loosely to refer to any factory farm, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) is a designation by the United States Environmental Protection Agency meaning any operation in which animals are fed in confined spaces, but specifically those which store a large number of animals and produce a large amount of water and manure waste as well as contributing So, why are animals being fed corn, soy, wheat and other grains, biproducts of the remains of other factory farmed animals, andchicken manure? ! ? (not to mention added hormones and antibiotics).factory farming animal feed Mar 02, 2017 Investigations have revealed that the factory farming industry feeds pigs and chickens animal carcasses as a way to cut production costs. Yes, you read that right. Factory farmers essentially turn these innocent animals into cannibals.

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Chickens. Approximately 8. 5 billion chickens are killed for their meat every year, while another 300 million chickens are used in egg production. All birdsegglaying hens, meat chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and othersare excluded from all federal animal protection laws. By the numbers, these are the animals most urgently in need of protection. factory farming animal feed

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