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Van Gogh (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) [Mike Venezia on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Briefly examines the life and work of the nineteenthcentury Dutchman who was one of the greatest artists of all timeGetting To Know the World's Greatest Artists DVDs. Covering Warhols bluecollar birth in Pittsburgh to his (much more than) fifteen minutes of worldwide fame, Warhol also puts his art in context with modern art contemporaries including Rauschenberg, Johns, Oldenburg, and Lichtenstein. This DVD is an American Library Association 2007 Notable Childrens Video Award winner. 24 minutes. getting to know the famous artists

ARTIST DVDS Factfilled and funfilled, too! Get to know the lives, works, and times of great artists through the centuries in these entertaining animated videos. Historical imagery blends with cartoon craziness in a unique, awardwinning style. Shop

Getting to Know You ( and the World's Greatest Artists) My students need a classroom set of age appropriate art history resources. My Students. Pablo Picasso once said Every child is an artist. our budding artists need as much exposure as possible to various art forms and and famous artists. Mar 07, 2016  Get to know the famous artist! March 7, 2016 Leonardo Da Vinci. I am Leonardo Da Vinci. Im the one who painted the Most famous Painting, unlike Van Gogh who painted the second most famous painting. I guess it's true old is gold. Unlike many famous artists, I was actually famous during my time, and was commissioned by Royalty.getting to know the famous artists Great Artist Projects for Kids Expose kids to real art and then get arty yourself. Easy to implement child friendly Art Projects for kids, that help you both learn and teach abo

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