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ONCE you find the tiny letters on a coin or medal this can often reveal its maker. Check the list below. Artists are listed by the last initial (assumed to be the last name, but may not actually be the case). If two or more artists used the same initials you must search the databank forwhat artist goes by the initials A F. AF refers to American Fine (thread) or Across the Flats. The spanners are in Imperial sizes from 14 inch to over 2 inches and will match the size of the artist initials af

A reference guide on how to research and identify artists' signatures, initials, and symbols.

How Do You Research Artist's Initials on a Painting? To research and identify an artist's initials on a painting, search for the letters of the signature on a database such as SignatureFinder. com or Getty. edu also offers a selection of print book titles that may aid in identifying a Artists' Signatures offers FREE access to over 100, 000 artist directory listings in our database. Every visitor can search and browse our listings when looking for an artistartist initials af Monograms Monograms and Initialed Signatures. This section is arranged alphabetically, according to the letters in the monograms or initialed signatures. Although monograms and initials (including conjoined initials) are quite different from each other, they are always placed in the same category.

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I recently purchased an oil Painting dated 1979 of the Fountain in Lake Eola Park in Orlando Florida with surrounding buildings of Orlando with the initials of the artist M. E. M. any information on artist initials af

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