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Battle of Stratton, Cornwall, 16 May 1643 II. Posted on September 28, but finding the army had neither the stomach nor the ammunition for another battle, he pulled it back into the town. That night a Council of War agreed that the foot would stand a siege there while Hertford, Maurice and the horse broke out and rode for Oxford to bringHow can the answer be improved? battle 1643 cornwall

Battle of Stratton, Cornwall, 16 May 1643 I Posted on September 28, 2016 by MSW Sir Arthur Hesilriges Cuirassiers (known as Hesilriges London Lobsters due to their armour).

Cornwall and the Civil War 1642 1651. The struggle between King and Parliment. The Civil Wars of the mid seventeenth century were a result of political, constitutional, religious and social changes and disagreements, which culminated in a struggle for control of the country between King and Parliament. Civil War military actions in Cornwall and the South West. The English Civil War lasted nearly nine years, having begun with the battle of Edgehill, in Warwickshire, on Sunday, 23 October 1642, and ended with the battle of Worcester, on 3 September 1651. The principal events in Cornwallbattle 1643 cornwall Battle of Braddock Down. 19th January 1643. The Battle of Braddock Down was fought on 19th January 1643. Sir Ralph Hopton's royalist forces had been camped the night before at nearby Boconnoc and were surprised when, in the morning on breaking camp, their vanguard of dragoons encountered enemy cavalry to the east.

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First English Civil War. The Battle of Stratton was a battle of the southwestern campaign of the First English Civil War. Fought on 16 May 1643, the resulting victory for Hopton confirmed Royalist control of Cornwall and destroyed Parliament's field army in Devon. battle 1643 cornwall

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