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2020-01-24 20:50

Sep 30, 1983  Directed by Russ Mayberry. With Simon MacCorkindale, Melody Anderson, Glynn Turman, Reni Santoni. Jonathan Chase is a British college professor at New York University who has the unusual ability to transform into any kind of animal he wants. He decides to use his power to assist the New York Police Department in solving unusual crimes, and in this series pilot, he teams up with cuteSep 30, 1983 Created by Donald R. Boyle, Glen A. Larson. With Simon MacCorkindale, Melody Anderson, Reni Santoni, Michael D. Roberts. A man who can change himself into any animal fights crime. manimal show 80's

Independent home entertainment distributor Shout! Factory will be producing complete boxsets for both Automan and Manimal featuring all episodes and new bonus content. If you don't remember, both scifi shows were created by Glen A Larson who gave us TV icons like

Jul 24, 2014  Check Out Manimal, the Insane 80s Show Will Ferrell Is Making Into a Movie. Its called Manimal, and its about a wealthy doctor who fights crime by morphing into different animals. manimal show 80's

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