Fluzzard's wild battlefield glide

2020-01-23 14:55

Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide is the first mission of the Fleet Glide Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission's objective is to ride Fluzzard through the obstacle course.For Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide question . fluzzard's wild battlefield glide

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Fleet Glide Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, located in World 5. The level features many mechanical parts and takes place on a rocket ship. Like the Wild Glide Galaxy, this galaxy involves Fluzzard Gliding as Mario or Luigi needs to ride Fluzzard through obstacles to get a Power Star. Enemies here include Magmaarghs and Bats. Many Balloons also appear scattered at different points How do you get in all of the rings in Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide in Super Mario Galaxy 2? It's just like wild glide galaxy. fly through all of the star gates, and it will appear at thefluzzard's wild battlefield glide Jun 10, 2010 Fleet Glide Mission 1 Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide Now that there's the Wild Glide Galaxy for you to get used to how Fluzzard flies, he gets another galaxy way out in World 5, the Fleet

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