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ARTISTGALLERY CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT. ARTIST: (Name, Address, and Telephone Should the Artwork be returned to the Artist as outlined in this agreement, the Artist and The Gallery are equally responsible for the wholesale cost of IT IS A SAMPLE OF THE AGREEMENT THAT CAN BE USED AS A FOUNDATION SHOULD BOTH PARTIES DECIDE TO ENTER INTO AAgreement may not be changed, modified or altered except by an instrument signed by the parties. This Agreement cannot be assigned or transferred without the written consent of the Artist. Nothing in this Agreement shall require the commission of any act contrary to law, rule or sample guest artist contract

This is to certify that the artworks that have been used is from the artist who provided. It basically indicates giving credit to the artist. For more contract agreements, you can check out these Sample Contract Agreements, which offers a variety of contract agreement samples, which can be downloaded for free. Producer and Artist Agreement Contract

Template. net offers a wide variety of artist contract templates. These templates are created by experts for a more professional and useful artist contract. If ever you want to save yourself from all the stress and timeconsuming way of making an this type of contract, these templates are what you need. Sample ArtistAgent Agreement. More than just a template, our stepbystep interview process makes it easy to create an ArtistAgent Agreement. Save, sign,sample guest artist contract Artist(s) may not be accompanied by guest(s). Requests for complimentary tickets for artists guests should be submitted to the University for approval in advance of the performance. authorized to execute this contract for Artist(s) for this engagement at the time and place specified in this contract.

Sample guest artist contract free

Sample Business Contracts. Music Artist Agreement Doranetti Music Inc. and Christopher Doran. Services Forms. General Contract for Services; Construction Contract; During the term of this Agreement, Artist agrees to remain or become and remain, at Producer's request (insofar as it may be lawful for Producer to do so) and at Artist's sole sample guest artist contract Sample Artist Contract and Rider for a Fair, Festival or Event The following rider is not meant to scare you; it is really a very typical rider we deal with every day. If you only hire local, regional, or lower dollar acts, you will get an easier rider or no rider at all. Aug 30, 2013  The most important contracts in the music industry. Most people who make music prefer to concentrate on the essentials jamming, writing songs, and performing. Contracts often get missed out, or are not read thoroughly enough. The Guest Artist Agreement includes, by reference, all items contained in these guidelines as an obligation and responsibility. All other rules will be mutually agreed upon between the employer and Equity. If unable to agree, Equity's decision will be final. Equity will make its decisions based upon, and in reference to, custom and usage in the

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